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Installing a backyard Pond

The Hill

While all of this digging has been taking place most of the dirt is being used to make "The Hill." The idea here is to make a three or four foot tall hill that has the waterfall box inside of it. Water is pumped to this box via a fat pipe and the water comes tumbling out of the waterfall.

Hill Number One

You need some height or it's not really a waterfall. The hill is also placed eight feet or so from the pond so that we can have a gently babbling little stream cascading down from the waterfall into the pond.

This is the part where design and implementation bang heads into each other. Making the hill further away means moving all of that dirt and rock further. It also means more rubber lining for the stream and edging rocks and so forth. It means more work.

But the dirt has to go somewhere and it's kind of convenient to have a hill for dumping it. The hill is about six feet wide and so far it is not quote two feet tall.

I'm being very diligent in making it, laying a course of dirt and then packing it down. At first I'd just jump up and down, but quickly realized that jumping up and down is a lot of work. So I made a dirt compactor by attaching a 35 pound lawn tractor wheel weight to a section of flat board, all attached to an upright. There will be a picture later.

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