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Installing a backyard Pond

Coming together

I ended up exchanging the 50 foot wire for 100 foot rolls and getting a hundred feet of 1 1/4 inch water pipe. The pipe is flexible enough that we only needed one connector (to T the pond wire off) and almost large enough to snake the wire by tying it to the cat and having her crawl through. Maybe not, but I like the visual of the cat doing some work.

Bigger pipe was the right solution even if a bit of an overkill. The junction is a 'T' where the well wire keeps going straight and the pond wiring jags to the left. I bought a weather proof electrical box, ground fault interrupt receptacle, and weather proof wire nuts.

View from Skimmer

A few years back our basement flooded during a particularly wet spring. The water oozed out of the floor in the middle of the house, which is right where the well wiring enters. Little did I know that the black pipe with the wire only extended a few feet from the house and was wrapped with electrical tape to keep the water out.


The new setup is beautiful, if I say so myself. The new pipe is mated to the old pipe using an adaptor and hose clamps. Good, solid seal. The pond wiring also goes through contiguous sealed pipe the whole way.

There's still some plumbing to do, what appears to be an endless cycle of digging, the laying out of the pond liner, and finally...more rocks! I'm starting to worry that Winter will win this race.

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