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Installing a backyard Pond


In case you are having a hard time gauging the scale on this silly project...

Dog in Pond

Presented for your spatial quantification efforts is the pond as referenced to the internationally known and recognized Zeke Metric Unit (ZMU). As in:

The pond, I'm afraid to admit, is at least 37 ZMUs. And with each additional day that it goes unlined and unfilled I end up scraping and digging at least another ZMU out of it.

What you can't see is the completed skimmer installation on the other side of the rock. All of the wiring and pump hose has been installed and buried. It's actually kind of fun now, like molding and shaping a huge (37 ZMU!) inside-out clay pot just before firing it in the kiln.

If I can overcome the urge to tweak we'll be installing the liner next.

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