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Installing a backyard Pond


I opened the back door to take a look at the pond and a Great Blue Heron burst into flight!

We've had a pond for over three years and that never happened before. Does this mean we've hit the big time? An article I read on preparing a pond for winter mentioned putting a thin net over the pond to keep leaves out, with a side mention that it would keep Heron from harvesting your fish.

"Ha!" I thought, "as if we'll ever need that."

Or, as Faith so aptly put it, "Bummer if you lose your fish after all of that work!"

We put Zeke out to guard the pond, but he just sits there moping, looking in through the back door. The Heron returned and landed on the roof. I knew this because Zeke cocked his head skyward for a moment. We rushed outside and yelled at it like crazy. Zeke barked and did his best to chase it away now that we'd identified the threat.

What to do?

Newsflash: At 1730 hours, October 2, 2003 Uncle Jer snapped. At 1733 he started running fishing line back and forth across the pond, muttering to himself and slashing at the empty air. At 1740 the fishing line ran out and he cracked open a fresh ball of twine and started anew. At 1755 the twine ran out. He was last seen running across the fields yelling "the sky better not be falling!"

Jerry goes crazy...

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