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Installing a backyard Pond

First Sketch

Early Sketch

I decided to reign in the rampant consumerism for a few moments and develop a plan. Here's an early sketch of the pond along with...drumroll please...pond skimmer and waterfall!

The rock in the right side is the one non-negotiable feature. It's about eight feet long by five feet wide and three feet high, with some unfathomable amount of granite lurking underground.

The existing pond is on the upper left corner of the rock and is about half the size of the pond I've drawn here.

That is, if you can make out the vaguely rectangular shape of the pond.

On the lower left side is the top-down view of a waterfall, with a pipe shooting over to the pond skimmer on the right side. All of the dark scribbling is landscaping rock paths or be determined.

What's probably not clear is that the waterfall resides in a hill. A hill that is three to four foot high. A hill that does not exist.

While digging the dirt out of pond you simply stack it up and make a hill. Right? See, everything falls right into place. This, of course, is back when I thought we'd be borrowing a friend's back-hoe.

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