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Installing a backyard Pond

Pond 2.0

We are happy to announce the launch of Pond 2.0. Pond 1.0 was a smashing hit, albeit limited for some of the power users. It was mostly for the warm weather months and even early spring was a bit chilling. Pond 2.0 promises increased circulation, larger swimming area, and a place to spend a nice winter's hibernation for frog and fish alike.

This morning the fish were transferred from the temporary pond. They've been cruising the new pond rather than hiding in a dark corner which was their normal reaction when transferred to pond 1.0. I think they like the strong flow of water from the waterfall.

View of waterfall w/fish

I was hanging out on the deck watching them swim when Faith came out for a look.

And of course when we checked there was a lonely little fish hiding in the corner of the old pond. Poor fella, he's lucky Faith has a good memory.

We've also moved over a few frogs (per schedule) so the pond now sports at least five happy croakers. Zeke came over and took a drink from the pond.

Top view of pond

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