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Installing a backyard Pond


Hill OverviewPond Overview
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The hill is getting taller and the hole is getting deeper, all is well.

Well, I am starting to wonder about the hill. It's pretty steep on the back side and then lots of dirt on the other side. I'm suspecting that I still haven't developed a fully unified hill theory yet. But, hey, it *looks* like a hill!

Turning our attention the other direction we can see some shape coming to the pond. I've started the terracing, that is stair-step levels from the edge to the center. The very edge of the pond will be around a foot deep, the next step will be a couple feet and then the center will be a little over three feet deep.

Off in the upper right corner you can see the another dirt pile next to the upside-down wheelbarrow. This is the well head and the wheelbarrow is keeping us, and the dog, from accidentally tumbling into the hole I dug when tracing the 240vac line.

I'm at the point where the whole wiring fiasco needs to be taken care of.

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