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Installing a backyard Pond

Ordering Parts

So I caved in and bought a complete pond kit. I'd been researching online for quite a while and had narrowed it down to a few different kits from different companies. Here's where my thinking ended up should you go through the same process:

Nautilus 45

The last one seems like a no-brainer but of the four companies I emailed only two wrote back and one of those took over a week. I won't buy something on the internet if they don't have prompt email support.

I bought the mid-sized Savio Pond Kit from UnitLiner. If you follow the link you'll notice that the liner is 20x20 when all I need is 15x20. Well, that was all I needed until adding the waterfall/stream, at which point another five foot wide section was required.

They were good people to work with and accommodated my request for a different pump. I replaced the included ULC3200 (3300gpm, 400watt) pump with an OASE Nautilus 45 (1600gpm, 100watt). The 1600 gallon per minute flow was good enough for our pond and using 300 watts less is important for something that is running 24 hours a day.

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