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Installing a backyard Pond

The End?

Pond Panorama
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Here's a photo of the finished pond. Our friend Linda came over and helped with plants and then there was a pile of rock, bark mulch, and gravel touch-up to do. Just in time for Winter!

The photo is a series of four photos taken using the Canon A70's panorama mode (it helps line the next photo edges with the previous one's) and then stitched together using the Canon stitching application. Not bad at all, it even curved some of the images to maintain the alignment. There's a little distortion, but you get the idea.

This next panorama was glued together using non-panoramic shots. It's mostly correct, although I don't really have three legs and there's only one white Koi in the pond.

Pond Panorama two
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I think it turned out great. It will be a trail to make it through winter and I suspect next spring will find me repairing and re-thinking a few things.

It will be lovely once everything starts filling out and the flowers bloom. I'll be sure to post an update.

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