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Even with the screws removed the grinder cover was being stubborn. Nothing to grab and trying to pry the edge with a screwdriver didn't help either. Eventually I used a needle nose plier to pull straight up and it popped out.

The Culprit

This is the culprit. Wedged into the blade area was half of a pistachio shell. The blade isn't very sharp and wasn't making much progress grinding up the shell, but it sure made a lot of noise trying. I bet that after a month or so the shell would have lost and the sound would have gone away.

Since I had it all apart I cleaned out the whole area, including a little hair wound around the shaft and some paper stuck to the screen. All cleaned up I put the blade back in place which turned out to be the hardest part of the whole project.

Grinder Mechanism in place

Most likely your filters and grinder will be different but the general layout will be similar. Clean it up, make sure things turn, and check that all parts and gaskets fit together nicely.

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