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Dishwasher Repair and Maintenance


Time to put it all back together. Even after twenty minutes it can be hard to remember exactly how everything went together. Here's a tip: film it. Use/borrow a camcorder and film the whole thing. Then if you get stuck you can review that section of the tape to see how it looked before disassembly. Also, an egg carton works well for keeping the screws and small parts together.

Filter Parts

Filter Assembly

As you re-assemble everything take the time to clean and check for wear. If something looks worn or cracked you can probably still use it while you order a replacement.

Make sure the re-assembled spray arm moves easily. Slide all of the shelves back in, check again that nothing is rubbing or mis-aligned. Try a quick cycle and see how it sounds, opening it from time to time to make sure water is being sprayed and drained at the end of the cycle.

While you are at it check the seals around the door. If they are starting to dry out and crack now might be a good time to order replacements. If you are in an area with hard water you might consider running an empty load, adding a cup or two of vinegar and no soap.

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