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Homemade Lighting Softbox


If you are doing product type shots, like these, a white background works best. Sometimes you want to have a little color, or have colors that are complimentary to your subject. This is really easy with this softbox.

Background Sheets

Most department stores and hobby shops sell colored sheets of poster board. Pick up a bunch of colors, you never know when or what you'll need. They were a little too wide for the box and I trimmed them a bit. If the poster board fits snugly you can just slide it into position and leave it without using tape to secure it.

Here's a few shots of a flower taken with different background colors. Lighting (GE Reveal) and camera settings were identical for all of the photos:
Nikon D70, 18-70mm lens at 70mm, ISO 200, F-Stop f/13, 1/6 second exposure.

Flower - black bkgrnd Flower - dark green bkgrnd Flower - yellow background

I hope you enjoyed the article. As always drop me an email with corrections or suggestions or a link to similar projects you have put online.


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