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Attaching the Eyepiece

To attach the eyepiece to the camera you can use tape, but if you leave it attached for a while the tape might leave a residue. Black electrical tape sometimes works, but it starts loosening up near hot lights. A search on the Internet uncovers a number of “no residue” tapes, including artist tape, although I haven’t tried any of them.

25mm Eyepiece Barrel Off
25mm Eyepiece Barrel Removed
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One alternative is to use a bicycle inner tube. Cut a one-inch section of tubing from an old ten-speed tube, wash it well, and then stretch half over the end of the eyepiece. The other end gets stretched over the camera lens barrel. I found it easier to first roll the rubber backwards over itself (as shown), mate the camera barrel to eyepiece, and then unroll onto the barrel.

Tube Adaptor w/iSight
Attaching Eyepiece to Apple iSight
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If your camera has a retracting lens (like the Canon A70) then this attachment can be tricky since the camera will try to shut down after too much idle time and retract the lens. Try to keep the camera from falling idle (navigate menus, push shutter halfway) so it doesn’t accidentally go into auto-shutdown.

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