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Test Conclusions

I'd have to conclude that physics works and Jetboil does a great job taking advantage of it.

What I didn't expect was how great it was to use Jetboil compared to the other two stoves. Don't get me wrong, the Pocket Rocket and Snow Peak are way better than my old MSR Whisper and Coleman, but the Jetboil is significantly better than all of them.

With the MSR Pocket Rocket and Snow Peak GigaPower you are still messing with balancing pots (and feeling like one wrong move will send it all crashing down), adjusting the flame, and you also have very hot surfaces to deal with.

Jetboil is very stable, it doesn't produce excess heat, and the neoprene cosy means you don't need to lug along a pot holder.

The only thing I'm left to wonder is whether the Jetboil might also make a good drink COOLER. Heat transfer works both ways, right? Couldn't I immerse the FluxRing into a cold running stream and quickly chill down a cup of Sun tea?

David Lewis whipped together a clever stand for his Jetboil, read about it here. Thanks David!

On a whim I decided to see what happens if you knock Jetboil over while cooking. Here's a short movie (low quality digicam movie mode) of horizontal water boiling.

Cooking Horizontally

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