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The cool thing with Jetboil is that you can pop it out of your backpack or glove box and whip up a cup of tea or coffee in a couple of minutes. No messing with trying to assemble and balance complicated stoves, unpacking cookware, or digging out matches: it's all integrated into one unit. I go on regular cross-country drives and I am looking forward to taking a Jetboil along.

There's more information on the Jetboil site and you can buy one right now at Eastern Mountain Sports.

Jetboil uses a isobutane/propane fuel tank. One tank is enough to boil twelve liters of water. It's a standard tank fitting and most fuel mixes are pretty much the same, so you can probably use other brands if Jetboil "Jetfuel" isn't available.

Also, be sure to check out the Jetboil Recipes. Featuring such classics as Jet Beans and Franks:

Open and pour a can of beans in the cooking cup. Stick in up to six hotdogs vertically, like buried phone poles. ...

I've created a short quicktime movie showing a complete cook cycle from setting up the jetboil to the point of water boiling. Running time is about two and a half minutes.

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Jetboil: the movie

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