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How to Attract Birds & Butterflies to Your Yard

National Wildlife Federation

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The National Wildlife Federation has a program called, Backyard Wildlife Habitat. This program has been helping people attract wild creatures to their homes and communities for 30 years. After visiting our home and gardens, my sister signed us up. Dream Come True Farm in Hartland, Vermont is Habitat #33885. To qualify you must offer the wildlife the following: food, shelter/cover, water, places to raise their young and nesting materials. There is an application fee and approval process. To learn more visit

National Wildlife Federation gives five simple tips for creating a haven for wildlife around your home:

  1. Grow native plants found in your area, which offer food to wildlife.
  2. Provide water for wildlife with a birdbath, small pond or care for a stream.
  3. Create protective cover by growing densely branched shrubs and evergreens. Leave dead trees, hollow logs and rock piles in your yard.
  4. Create safe areas for nesting wildlife. Build bird houses; grow host plants for butterfly and moth caterpillars to eat.
  5. Watch what you plant in your garden. Plant native plants not exotic species of plants.

Creating Places for Wildlife is an online tutorial including interactive slide shows, study guides, and hands-on activities. The online course includes: Habitat Basics, Native Plant Information, and wildlife-friendly Gardening Practices. Find out more.

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