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How to Attract Birds & Butterflies to Your Yard



White Admiral

Butterfly Checklist:

Caterpillar Checklist:
(If you want the butterflies to come, you can’t forget the caterpillars!)

Butterflies & CaterpillarsHost and Food Plants
Eastern tiger swallowtailWild Cherry and tulip tree
MonarchMilkweed and dogbane
White admiralBirch, willow, and poplar trees
ViceroyWillow and poplar trees
Great spangled fritillaryLarva feeds at night on violets. Butterflies like milkweed and thistle
Common blueLarva feeds on dogwood flowers
Painted ladyLarva feeds on thistle. Butterflies frequent thistles
Tawny emperorHackberry tree
Hackberry butterflyHackberry tree
Clouded sulphursLarva eats red clover. The buttery yellow color of the European sulphurs probably suggested the name butterfly.


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