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Macro Photography II

Adapters and New Shots

Lens with adapters, close
Adapters in place - click for full size image

Adapters do a nice job of securely connecting the lenses. Using electrical tape the connection started loosening up after the background lights warmed thing up. No such problems with mechanical attachments. I would suggest being careful with the threads as they tend to be tight and you don't want to cross-thread your filter threads.

Lenses attached w/adapter
Lenses attached - click for full size image

Oh, and something I forgot to point out earlier in the article is to make sure the focus on your reversed lens (50mm in this case) is set to infinity. You can see in this photo that focus is at infinity and the aperture is at 1.8. These are left alone once set and all focusing is done with the main lens.

Finally, here's a couple of new macro shots to end the article with. The first one shows the vignetting you get when the 70-300mm lens is set at it's minimum zoom, 70mm. The second photo is the same section of strawberry with maximum zoom, 300mm. The photo was also cropped a little.

Vignetting - click for full size image
Strawberry Macro
Strawberry Macro - click for full size image
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