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Macro Photography II


Blue Cheese Mold
Up close and stinky with Blue Cheese

Macro-Photography is a lot of fun once you get things setup and start taking shots around the house. I'm tempted to start a few petri dishes of mold or maybe grow some sea monkeys. ":^)

To take pictures of snowflakes I set up the tripod and camera on the driveway (cold winter morning) and brushed snow onto a dark glove. Cloth isn't an ideal backdrop since it has lots of threads that will show up in the photo. A dark, black piece of construction paper would probably work better.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or photos from your own macro-work please drop me an email.

The final two shots are of a lady bug I found sleeping on our window sill. The first lady bug woke up before I got it in focus and wouldn't sit still after that. Lucky for me this one kept napping for the five minutes it took to get these shots.

Lady Bug Feet
Lady Bug Feet - Click for Full Size

Lady Bug Nose
Lady Bug Nose - Click for Full Size

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