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Macro Photography II


In the first macro article I discussed techniques for taking Macro photos using a D70 (or equivalent) and an inexpensive lens. This article dives closer, much closer, to our subject while still keeping costs relatively low.

This article uses a Nikon D70 although most if not all of the principles should translate just as easily to a Canon, or other DSLR (or SLR for that matter). I've taken similar macros using a Canon A70 point and shoot camera combined with a small telescope lens (in a separate article).

I originally read of this lens-reversing technique in John Shaw's excellent, Closeups in Nature. If you have even a passing interest in Macro photography this is the book to get, if only to look at the photos.

After a big snow storm I noticed distinct, fluffy snowflakes while looking out a basement window. “Wish I could photograph those,” I thought to myself and then remembered the trick from John's book. About five minutes later I was out in the driveway with tripod, funky lens contraption, and tiny snowflakes sitting on a dark gardening glove. Here's the result:

Snowflake closeup 1
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