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Freezer vs. Fridge

If you have a freezer/fridge combo the refrigerating process we described on the first page really only applies to the freezer. The system is tuned and controlled to maintain a certain temperature in the freezer. All of the evaporating/cooling coils only run through the freezer section.

So how does the fridge section stay cool? Fans and holes, my friend, fans and holes.

Between the two sections, the much colder freezer and the relatively warm fridge, are one or more holes to allow airflow. The electronics in the fridge sense the temperature of the fridge and when it gets too warm the hole is opened up and freezing air is allowed to flow from the freezer into the fridge. Once the fridge temperature becomes cold enough the hole is closed.

Also, your fridge might have a small, permanent hole in one section of it that is used to keep the meat section colder than everything else.

It's a pretty clever technique. There aren't many moving parts required and you only have to use one of the compressor/evaporating systems, saving on overall cost and complexity.

But things break, even simple things. What can go wrong? Let's go over what happens when refrigerators go bad...

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