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D70 Wired Remote

Nikon ML-L3

Nikon's popular D70 DSLR doesn't have an option for a wired remote. This article turns their ML-L3 wireless remote into a handy wired remote.

The Nikon D70 has an optional wireless remote called the ML-L3. It is a bit of rariety and stores regularly run out of inventory, but it is a very handy accessory to have. In addition to the D70 it also controls other Nikon cameras.

Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote

The remote uses infrared (IR), just like your TV remote control uses. In fact if you have a re-programmable TV remote there's a good chance you can program it to trigger your camera as well. Set the D70 into remote mode and while in front of the camera go through various programming defaults on the remote. I think Sanyo or Samsung TVs often work.

A TV remote is kind of clumsy to haul around with your camera, which is why the ML-L3 is so nice. It's smaller than a car key fob, has one button, and can trigger the camera from up to a yard or more away.

There are a few problems with the D70's wireless remote implementation. First, there is only one IR sensor for picking up the remote's signal and that is on the front of the camera. Unless you take lots of photos of yourself this isn't very convienent. Secondly, IR is line of sight; you can't go around corners or through walls, although you might get lucky and ricochet off of another surface.

Still, for many types of photography the remote works great. You can reach around the front/top of the camera and trigger the shutter without touching the camera.

There are times when I want to be in one place with the camera elsewhere and not in IR line of sight. For example: photographing birds at the feeder, taking long exposures through the telescope on cold winter nights, or cases where I cast a shadow if I'm near the camera.

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