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Homemade Countertop Pickles

Picky Pickle Preparation

Towards the end of each growing season our garden starts producing cucumbers faster than we can eat or give them away. That means only one thing...pickles!

We got the recipe from a grandma who turned 102 this year. These pickles are not canned and must be stored in the refrigerator. They are supposed to be able to last for 2 years, but rarely make it a whole year before being consumed.

As far as fridge space is concerned, we just move one shelf to the bottom above the crisper so it is snug to the quart size and pack them in there. Then we can scatter any remaining ones on upper shelves and eat those first. (we gave away 1.5 quarts to friends. trying to butter them up to help with pickling next year!)

All of the jars are washed in the dishwasher in the AntiBacteria cycle. The recipe does not call for sterilizing the jars, but we did it anyway. Since you won't be canning with them, you can use old lids. You need between 6-8 quart jars, 12-16 pint jars, or the appropriate combo of jars. The pint sized ones are good gift sizes.

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